During the last 8 years, ambulance Sigma has been offered more than $800 million capital commitments for Operating Lease funds and Private Equity. Sigma currently manages 3 alternative asset funds.

LeasOp I

  • An asset-backed fund with AUM of US$250 million engages in Operating Lease transactions focused on the mining, recipe infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, fishing and construction industry
  • Launched in 2006; initial capital commitment has grown more than 10 times
  • Listed on the Lima Stock Exchange
  • Peruvian pension funds as investors
  • Locally rated AAf- by Fitch and AA+ by Pacific Credit

LeasOp II

  • Operating Lease fund launched in March 2009, sole investor is Interbank
  • US$100 million in targeted capital, dedicated to corporate sector

LeasOp III

  • Operating Lease fund launched in July 2008 specifically for Goldman Sachs
  • US$100 million commitment, currently divested and fully repaid

Sigma Infrastructure

  • A US$ 500mm Private Equity fund launched in 2012, with $250 million in committed capital after 2 rounds of fundraising
  • This fund has 3 Peruvian private pension funds, ONP and COFIDE as LPs
  • Dedicated to investing in greenfield infrastructure projects such as energy generation and transmission, transportation, ports, among others
  • Sigma partners with leading global sponsors to work in the main projects of Perú
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