Company History

  • August 2005

    Sigma is authorized by SMV, the Peruvian financial markets regulator, to begin operations

  • June 2006

    Sigma began operations with LeasOp I, a fund launched with US$ 16 mm capital commitment

  • July 2008

    Launched LeasOp III, a fund with $ 100 mm commitment from Goldman Sachs

  • March 2009

    Sigma launched LeasOp II; sole investor is Interbank

  • October 2010

    SMV approved LeasOp I increase in capital up to $200 mm and extended the term duration until December 31st 2020

  • April 2012

    Launched Sigma FI, a $500 mm Infrastructure Private Equity fund with $86 mm initial commitment

  • October 2013

    Sigma began the repayment to Interbank, LeosOp II investor

  • December 2013

    LeasOp III, Operating Lease fund with Goldman Sachs, is divested and fully repaid

  • November 2014

    Sigma FI increased its committed capital to $249 mm