Sigma is a company dedicated to the administration of public and private investment funds specialized in financial products such as Operational Leasing and alternative investments like Private Equity in companies dedicated to the development of Infrastructure. Sigma Safi SA has established itself as one of the main investment fund managers in Peru, being backed by institutional investors and important companies that give us their trust.

Since 2006, Sigma has accepted US$ 950 million of investment commitments in the six investment funds that it has managed over these 14 years, of which five were allocated to the management of Operational Leasing. To date, more than US$ 800 million have been invested in the Operational Leasing funds in fixed assets for leasing. The first of the Operational Leasing funds is LeasOp I, a public fund made up of contributions from legal entities (the 3 main Pension Funds in the country) and listed in Cavali as it is a fund whose shares were placed through a public offering. In April 2017, the LeasOp VI Operational Leasing fund was launched through a public fund created under the simplified regime whose main investors are natural persons, through their Mutual Funds and Trusts, administered by Scotia Mutual Funds. In July 2019, the LeasOp V Operative Leasing fund was launched, a public fund created under the simplified regime whose main investor is an Institutional Mutual Fund managed by Credicorp Capital.

Sigma has the pleasant experience of having concluded the management of two investment funds in Operational Leasing and having repaid to its investors the full amount of the invested capital and its respective yield. Such is the case of LeasOp II in 2016 and LeasOp III in 2013, these investment funds were private and had important investors such as Interbank and Goldman Sachs.

The Infrastructure Private Equity fund invests in companies and projects related to the development of infrastructure for transportation, treatment plants, generation and transmission of energy (which include generation using renewable/green resources), among others.

In a continuous process of diversification and providing new products to our client portfolio, Sigma is structuring Real Estate and Private Debt Funds, which we hope will be available to our investors and clients in 2020.