• 08.20052005 August

    Sigma achieves a significant milestone by obtaining operating authorization from the SMV, laying the foundation for its future endeavors in the financial realm.
  • 06.20062006 June

    Embarking on its operational journey, Sigma introduces the LeasOp I fund, capturing attention with a substantial $16 million in subscribed equity.
  • 07.20082008 July

    Demonstrating strategic collaboration, Sigma launches the LeasOp III fund, boasting an impressive authorized capital of $100 million.
  • 03.20092009 March

    Sigma diversifies its investment portfolio with the initiation of the LeasOp II fund with an outstanding authorized capital of $100 million.
  • 10.20102010 October

    Responding to dynamic market needs, the SMV approves a capital increase in the LeasOp I fund, allowing for expansion up to $200 million, while extending the term until December 31, 2020.
  • 04.20122012 April

    Sigma expands its footprint with the introduction of the Sigma FI Private Equity fund for Infrastructure Projects. This fund sets an ambitious fundraising target of up to $500 million, with an initial commitment of $86 million.
  • 12.20132013 December

    Continuing its trend of financial success, Sigma achieves a milestone with the successful repayment of the LeasOp III fund its investors.
  • 11.20142014 November

    The Sigma FI fund experiences substantial growth, increasing its committed capital to an impressive $249 million.
  • 03.20172017 March

    Sigma upholds its commitment to investor satisfaction with the triumphant repayment of the LeasOp II fund to its investors.
  • 04.20172017 April

    Expanding its operational portfolio, Sigma launches the LeasOp VI fund with an authorized capital of $100 million.
  • 07.20192019 July

    Sigma's commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships continues with the introduction of the LeasOp V fund. Investors express confidence with an authorized capital of $200 million.