Operating Lease

Operating Lease is a rental agreement facilitating the use of an asset for a predetermined term, mutually agreed upon by the lessor and the customer. Key features include:

  • Lease/Renewable Contract: It operates as a lease rather than a credit arrangement.
  • Quota Based on Asset Productive Value (50% - 80%): The installment is determined by the productive value of the asset.
  • Specialized Maintenance: Direct (dealer) and web indirect (dealer certified) maintenance services are provided.
  • Asset Valuation: The fund assesses the asset's value at the contract's conclusion.
  • Financial and Tax Incentives: It offers financial incentives, avoiding the use of bank lines, and tax benefits, with the quota being 100% considered a current expense, shield, and applicable to income tax and VAT.
  • Support for Project Development and Growth Plans: An excellent alternative to bolster projects and growth initiatives.
  • Customized Structures: Tailored solutions for the development of company-specific structures.
  • Contractual Simplicity: Emphasizes simplicity in the contractual framework.