Sigma is a dedicated investment fund management company specializing in both public and private Investment Funds. Our focus extends to financial products such as operating lease and private equity investments, particularly in companies dedicated to infrastructure development. With a robust track record, Sigma Safi S.A. has firmly established itself as a leading Investment Fund Manager in Peru, earning the trust of institutional investors and key companies alike.

Since our inception in 2006, Sigma has successfully garnered US$950 million in investment commitments across six managed investment funds over the past 18 years. Notably, five of these funds have been allocated to operating lease, with a cumulative investment exceeding US$1,400 million in fixed assets. Among them, LeasOp I, the inaugural Operating Lease fund, stands out as a public fund with the participation of the country's three main Pension Funds.

In subsequent years, we expanded our portfolio with the launch of LeasOp VI in April 2017. Additionally, in July 2019, LeasOp V was introduced, drawing investment from prominent entities in the banking and insurance sector.

Sigma takes pride in successfully concluding the management of two private operating lease funds, LeasOp II (2016) and LeasOp III (2013), both of which saw the full repayment of invested capital and respective yields.

In the realm of Private Equity, our Infrastructure Private Equity Fund strategically invests in companies and projects associated with infrastructure development, spanning transportation, treatment plants, energy generation and transmission, and alternative energy sources.