Our Investments

Our investments are diversified among the main drivers of the Peruvian economy. Among the most important assets, patient Sigma has:

  • Mining: assets for large, medium and small mining such as: tracts, trailers, tippers, hoppers, graders, drilling machines, excavators, vibratory screens, among others.
  • Construction: assets used for road and infrastructure works such as: front loaders, road rollers, excavators, mini loaders, hydraulic breakers, arm excavators, crushers, drills, cranes, among others.
  • Cargo Transport: assets used to move goods at local or national level such as: tract trucks, dump trucks, trailers, vans, container, rail trucks, among others.
  • Passenger Transport: assets used for inter-urban or personal transport such as buses, pick up trucks, among others.
  • Technology Equipment: servers, computers, printing, among others.
  • Industrial equipment: assets used in the agribusiness, manufacturing, textiles, among others.